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The Culminates Engineering Services offers mechanical design, analysis and consulting services for shell and tube heat exchangers as well as air cooled heat exchangers. Heat exchangers design and analysis are performed using software like PV Elite and Nozzle PRO (FE Pipe Module) that are popular around the world. Heat Exchangers are designed in accordance with international Codes and standards such as ASME BPVC Section VIII Division 1 & 2, TEMA, PD-5500, EN-13445, API-660, API-661, WRCB-107, WRCB-297, WRCB-368 etc. and some other Codes and standards as desired by purchaser.

Reviewing of heat exchanger’s mechanical designs for compliance with above Code requirements as well as Purchaser’s requirements is also carried out.
Our engineering services include design & analysis and design review of followings:
• Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchangers (All TEMA Types)
• Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
• Pre Cooler, Inter Cooler, After Cooler
• Gas, Water and Oil Coolers

Fixed Tubesheet Heat Exchanger

            -  Fixed Tubesheet design per ASME, PD5500 and TEMA codes.
            -  Plain Shell and Shell with Expansion joints or Bellows.
            -  Stress due to differential thermal expansion of tubes and shell is computed.
            -  Flanged and Flued (thick) Expansion Joint design per TEMA and ASME.

Stationary Heat Exchanger with Stationary & Floating Tubesheet

            -  Floating Exchangers design per ASME, PD5500 and TEMA codes. e.g. packed, sealed etc.
            -  Floating head covers design per ASME and PD5500.
            -  Stress due to differential thermal expansion of tubes and shell.

U Tube Heat Exchanger

            - 'U' Tube Exchangers design per ASME, PD5500 and TEMA code.

AKT Type Heat Exchanger

• Horizontal Heat Exchanger

• Vertical Heat Exchanger

Various design analysis carried out apart from design covered in Code of constructions:
• Finite Element Analysis
• Wind Analysis
• Seismic Analysis
• Local Load Analysis
• Clip Analysis
• Lifting lug analysis
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April, 2018
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