The Culminates Engineering Services (CES)
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The Culminates Engineering Services performs mechanical design of storage tanks. The design is carried out using API-650 Code. We have our own programs prepared for tank design calculations.

  • Storage Tank-1
  • Big Tank
  • Storage Tank-2
    The Culminates Engineering Services offers mechanical design and analysis of cryogenics equipments. The design is carried out in accordance with pressure vessel design codes such as ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII Division 1 & 2, PD-5500, EN-13445 etc. using software like PV Elite and Nozzle PRO (FE Pipe Module).

    Various design analysis carried out apart from design covered in Code of constructions:

    • Finite Element Analysis
    • Wind Analysis
    • Seismic Analysis
    • Local Load Analysis
    • Zick’s Analysis
    • Rigging Analysis
    • Clip Analysis
    • Lifting lug analysis

  • Cryogenic Pressure Vessel-1
  • Cryogenic Storage Tank
  • Cryogenic Pressure Vessel-2
    The Culminates Engineering Services also conducts piping stress analysis. For a given conditions, CES can provide best possible piping stress analysis results which is not only safe under all operating conditions but also ensure that forces and moments transferred on static or rotating equipment are minimum and well within the limits specified by the clients or the equipment suppliers. Adequate flexibility within the piping system are ensured using proper restraints so that these conditions are met.

    The Culminates Engineering Services also carries out design and analysis of various structural items such as skids, supports of vessels / exchangers i.e. skirt with base chair, legs, lugs, pipe supports, saddles and their bolting etc. and lifting elements such as lifting lugs, trunnions, tailing lugs etc.

    Finite Element Analysis of various types of clips attached to vessel shell or head is also performed.

  • Skirt Support with Base Chair
  • Pipe Support
  • Leg Support
  • Lug Support
  • Saddle Support
  • Stacked Heat Exchanger
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    April, 2018
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